12 Target Christmas decorations that look just like vintage treasures

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I know I’m not alone when I say that I love decorating for Christmas. I love the kitschy, colorful, and whimsical vintage pieces that make any space feel warm and cozy. And while there’s nothing like a good Ebay find, there’s no shame in taking the easy route. I’m talking Target. I mean, have you seen the Target Christmas decorations this year? They’re crushing it!

From retro-inspired ornaments to beaded throw pillows that look like they should cost three times as much, there’s a seemingly endless supply of decor that could totally pass for family heirlooms right off the shelf. And unlike family heirlooms, you won’t have to worry when your overly enthusiastic toddler gets within ten feet of them. (Just me?)

I’ve curated a list of my favorites that feel right at home with vintage treasures. And listen, if you want to spin a tale about how your great-grandma trotted them out each holiday alongside her tinsel-laden tree, go right ahead. Your secret is safe with me.

Shop the Target Christmas decorations we’re crushing on below!

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Glitter Doe Decorative Figurines

With an adorable 50’s vintage vibe, these super affordable plastic glitter deer look just as sweet perched on the mantle as they would in your kiddo’s room. And at 11 inches tall, they’re a great size for the price!

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Wood Nativity Decorative Figurine Set

If you’ve ever scoured Ebay for a mid-century Nativity set up (#guilty), this Mary Blair-esque set up could scratch the itch. Complete with eight colorful wooden figures and a simple little manger, we won’t tell it’s not vintage if you don’t.

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Metal Houses Village Kit

Sure, collecting can be half the fun but sometimes you just want to knock it out in one fell swoop. This industrial metal village comes to life with tea lights tucked inside and is filled out with a family of minimalist snow people and bottle brush trees. Consider your holiday tabletop display done.

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Countdown Christmas Stocking Holder with 3 Wooden Blocks

We love this simple metal and wood stocking holder that helps build excitement for the big day! And if you really want to get the spirit cranking, this baby goes up to 99. Start the countdown in September. We won’t judge.

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Puffer Christmas Stocking with Sherpa Lining

It’s like your childhood ski jacket was reincarnated as a Christmas stocking. And while you aren’t required to stuff it with Rubik’s cubes and My Little Ponies, we kinda love the thought of it.

Screen Shot 2021 12 01 At 12.37.59 PM

Opalhouse designed with Jungalow


Beaded and Embroidered Christmas Tree Shaped Throw Pillow

Who (besides my partner who gives me couch-related grief on the daily) doesn’t love a good throw pillow? With a variety of colors, sizes and textures they’re like jewelry for your furniture. I am very much in love with this seasonal stunner which brings a cozy dash of cheer to the living room and looks far more expensive than it is.

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Opalhouse designed with Jungalow


Ceramic Candle Holders

While these don’t scream Christmas! I’m including them because obviously. I mean, just look at them. They’re simple and gorgeous and throughout the holiday season I am happiest when surrounded by enough candles for the dog to look concerned. And because I can’t abide by competing scents, the best option is a small army of taper candles. (Similar to my throw pillow problem, I am a firm believer that you can never have too many candle holders. It’s just who I am as person.)

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20 Piece Toy Kingdom Christmas Ornament Kit

With a mix of styles and lots of color, this kit gives you the whole shebang to decorate a kids’ bedroom tree or to beef up your collection. (RIP to the ornaments of yore lost to butter-fingered toddlers and overly curious pets.)

Screen Shot 2021 12 01 At 2.48.52 PM



Lit Ceramic Retro Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Ornament

Can you even say you have a Christmas decor collection if it doesn’t include a light up ceramic tree? While its full-size counterpart can admittedly be kind of garish, I just adore this mini tree ornament version. And yes! It lights up!

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14 Count Retro Glass Christmas Tree Ornament Set

Authentic retro ornaments aren’t exactly kid friendly. In part because they’re paper thin enough to break if you look at them wrong. But the bigger concern is the fact they’re often made with unsafe levels of lead, mercury and who knows what else. If you want the look without the worry, this reasonably priced set has you covered. (They’re still glass though, so put them up high!)

Screen Shot 2021 12 01 At 3.08.14 PM

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Felt Reindeer Christmas Garland

Whether draped across the mantle or adorning your kiddo’s room, this felt and pom pom reindeer garland is a holiday home run.

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