5 Thanksgiving movies kids can watch before or after the big feast

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Whether you’re wanting to keep your child entertained on Thanksgiving while you roast the turkey, or are looking for a film that both of you can enjoy together after the big feast, these Thanksgiving movies have you covered. From animated classics like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to the timeless holiday film Miracle on 34th Street, you really can’t go wrong with any movie on this list. There’s so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, so curl up with your loved ones, grab another helping of turkey and mashed potatoes, and queue one of these feel-good, family movies. Gobble gobble, everybody!

It’s not the holidays without Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang! Follow along as Charlie tries to plan not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners. With help from his trusty sidekick, Snoopy, Charlie might just be able to pull it off, even if it means having toast and jellybeans for their big Thanksgiving feast. 

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In this funny 2013 animated film, two curious turkeys (voiced by Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson) take it upon themselves to get their fellow feathered friends off the Thanksgiving menu by time traveling back to the very first Thanksgiving feast in 1621. Amy Poehler also voices a character in the movie, so you know it’s a comedic treat for all ages. 

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Based on the novel by legendary author Roald Dahl, Fantastic Mr. Fox follows family man Mr. Fox who finds himself in a poultry battle with his neighbors, who happen to be farmers, after falling back into his old mischievous ways. The funny family film, which boasts autumnal vibes and Thanksgiving-sized feasts, is voiced by George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, and Wes Anderson. 

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America’s beloved cartoon cat is back! In this Thanksgiving special of Garfield and Friends, Garfield explains that people celebrate the turkey holiday “by eating as much of it [food] as possible. It’s a tradition, I love tradition.” Before he can get his feast on, Garfield’s owner, Jon, takes him to see his arch nemesis: the veterinarian. See what plan Garfield comes up with to plan the most epic Thanksgiving dinner!

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There’s no better way to close out the Thanksgiving holiday and ring in the Christmas season than with Miracle on 34th Street. The movie begins at the iconic Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade where a man named Kris Kringle makes a memorable appearance, and continues to show up at every NYC department store under the impression that he is in fact, Santa Claus.

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