5 Easy Learning Activities For 13 Month Old Baby

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Do you have a toddler at home? Is your 13 month old in constant need of stimulation? Are you planning to entertain and teach your 13 month old using various games and activities?

Having a little mind to nurture at home can be a challenging and fun task! Read on to know about some activities to do with 13 month old.

Here are 5 learning activities for 13 month old to engage in:

1. Peek A Boo Under The Cover:

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This is one of the best activities for 13 month old baby. It will be your toddler’s very first dose of playing hide and seek. Your toddler will love finding you, or an object, or even hiding and being ‘found out’ by you.

You need:

  • Any sheet, blanket or a big cloth or towel your baby can use for hiding.

How to:

  • Start by clearing up space. Remove all toys and any other objects that might cause distraction.
  • It will also help to prevent your toddler from tripping over and getting hurt.
  • Take the sheet and make sure your toddler can see you as you slowly start covering yourself.
  • For the first few times, you can simply hold up the sheet and hide behind it, if not under.
  • Ask your toddler ‘Where is mamma?’
  • Your toddler will try searching for you by exploring around the sheets. You can help by taking out your hand and guiding where to find. You could also peep out a little and smile at your toddler, and then hide again.
  • Slowly, as your toddler understands the game, you can help your toddler hide too.

The activity will teach your toddler that objects remain in one place.

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2. Climbing The Pillow Mountain:

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Your toddler will love climbing over objects and overcoming various ‘hurdles.’

You need:

  • Any safe objects on which your toddler can climb and bounce – huge pillows and cushions, a small bean bag, big cardboard box, plastic storage containers (make sure the edges are not harsh and your toddler can easily get in and get out of them.

How to:

  • Clear up the area and remove any other objects on which your toddler might trip or can get hurt with.
  • Place the containers around the room in an upside down position near a low couch. It will help your toddler climb.
  • Place the cushions around so that your toddler can bounce and jump too.
  • You can also place a cardboard box sideways with the flaps open. Your toddler may want to crawl and sit inside.

The activity will help to develop your toddler’s balancing skills.

3. Reading Time:

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At this age, your toddler will love exploring new books.

You need:

  • Any good colorful books with large pictures.

How to:

  • Sit down with your toddler in a cozy and quiet place. Remove all distractions as much as possible.
  • Open the book and point at familiar objects. Say out the word loud. Encourage your toddler to read by pointing to new pictures and saying the word out loud.
  • Help your toddler relate to things in the book to actual things around. Point to a baby and say ‘baby.’ Then touch your toddler and say again ‘baby.’

The activity will help your toddler develop language and verbal skills. It will also help in developing attention and an understanding of the world around.

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4. Shake It Baby:

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After playing with rattles, your baby will love this homemade version.

You need:

  • Two empty toilet paper rolls
  • Some colorful magazine pages
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Rice shaped cereal

How to:

  • Seal of the end of the tubes so that you can fill them up with the cereal.
  • Using the magazine paper, cut two circles bigger than the end of the toilet paper roll.
  • Place a circle over one end of the toilet paper roll tube and fold it down.
  • Fasten to the tube using tape and wrapping it around the edge of the circle. Fill the tube with cereal.
  • Cut two more circles and tape them to the ends that are not covered.
  • Play some music and encourage your toddler to shake the new rattle to the beats.

The activity will help your toddler understand rhythm, develop fine motor skills and also help motor skills.

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5. Toss The Ball:

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Let your toddler play this fun tossing game.

You need:

  • An empty cardboard box
  • Old paper to make balls

How to:

  • Open the cardboard box properly so that your toddler can toss the balls.
  • Let your toddler stand or sit at a distance and show how to toss.

The activity will help your toddler understand the concept of distance and develop motor skills.

The 5 activities for 13 month old shared here will help your toddler develop various skills and also make for some good indoor time.

Have you tried any of the 13 month old activities mentioned here? Which ones did your toddler enjoy the most?

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