15 Awesome Back To School Backpacks & Accessories For Kids

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At the top of every back to school shopping list are back to school backpacks. However, there are so many more supplies that are needed to get the entire family off on the right foot this school year. No matter if your kids are going back to school this year in person, virtual, or homeschool, here are the back to school backpacks, accessories, and gear that your family is going to need.

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Is your little one all ready for preschool this fall? Are you excited or nervous to send your little one off to school for the first time? With KidFit Adapt Plus 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat your newest preschooler can travel to and from school safely and securely; alleviating some of your concerns when going back to school. Not only is the KidFit Adapt Plus 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat designed with a high-back booster to allow room for your child to grow, but it is also crafted with adaptive fabric.

This breathable mesh and patented 37.5 Technology helps control your child’s microclimate. So now, your child stays cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool – making your mini-human even more comfortable in their car seat than ever before. All of the fabrics on the KidFit Adapt Plus 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seats are conveniently removable and washable.


Each Kidfit comes with two dishwasher-safe cupholders, which are easy to remove and clean as needed. Once washed, allow the fabric to air dry and you’re back on the road with a safe, secure, and comfortable car seat for your newest preschooler.

The KidFit Adapt Plus 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat is for children who are at least 4 years of age and between 38-57 inches tall. While the car seat is in highback mode, it can easily protect and secure your child between the weights of 40 to 100 pounds.

We all want a super-powered car seat to hold and protect our child for longer than a year. Chicco’s Fit4 Adapt 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is the super-powered car seat of your dreams. From the day your child is born till they are a wild 10-year-old, this car seat can easily adjust and adapt to each stage of your child’s life. In stage one, your infant is protected by two layers of protection: a rigid shell and EPS energy-absorbing foam that surrounds your child’s head and torso. 

The Fit4 Adapt 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is equipped with top-rated premium features, such as Latch connectors and a SuperCinch force multiplier. The RideRight bubble levels work in tandem with the 9-position ReclineSure leveling system to provide the perfect setting for your child while on the road. The LockSure belt-tightening system helps to ensure a secure installation to protect your child. To save space, the cupholders are adaptable and easy to squeeze into those tight spots. Not only that, when you aren’t using the tether and you opt for the secured seat belt option, store it away! Absolutely genius!

Starting at stage two, toddler, all the way to stage four, big kid, your child’s head and torso are protected by a steel frame in their seat shell. The EPS energy-absorbing foam and rigid shell are designed to take in the impact and protect your child’s vitals. Each stage of your child’s growth is exciting and changing car seat stages are easier than ever thanks to a QR code on the side of the Fit4 Adapt 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat.

Thanks to the 37.5 Technology, your child will stay cool when it is warm and warm when it is cool, just like its counter-part booster seat. The uniquely designed fabric is humidity-regulating and permanently imbedded with naturally derived volcanic minerals to regulate your child’s microclimate.


Protection and comfort come in this perfect package designed to last 10 years! From day 1 to year 10, Fit4 Adapt 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is there to support your little one for all those school days and sporting events to come!

KidFit Adapt Plus 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat  | Fit4 Adapt 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat
Chicco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Shenanigan Kids


When thinking back to school, don’t get consumed with just clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Instead, think outside the box and get creative with The Figgy Grey by Shenanigan Kids. As kids prepare to head back into the classroom sporting their back to school backpacks, it will be essential to have a safe, inviting, and fun place for them to do homework or just get creative. The answer is Shenanigan Kids’ Figgy Grey couch or playset!

The Figgy Grey by Shenanigan Kids arrives in 6 pieces which include 4 base cushions and 2 rectangle bolsters. If your family desires to make the couch or playset larger, additional pieces can be purchased. The Figgy Grey can be used as a couch for homework or reading and then transform into a fort sturdy enough for your kids’ adventures. The Figgy Grey features a Velcro attachment system and uses CertiPUR—Us Foam, this set can withstand whatever your kids are dishing out. So as kids come home and throw their back to school backpacks down and jump on the Figgy Grey, you can be assured they have a comfy place to rest.


Face it, kids are dirty and gross sometimes. Shenanigan Kids uses 100% polyester suede fabric which is machine washable and safe to dry. The cushions are sturdy enough to be used but light enough for kids to manipulate the pieces into different arrangements. Fostering imagination and creativity are important aspects of childhood development and Shenanigan Kids helps parents cultivate their kid’s minds. So whether it’s Dad lounging on The Figgy Grey or your child doing homework in an amazing fort they built, this product provides a safe, relaxing, and creative seating alternative for your family.

The Figgy Grey
Shenanigan Kids | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube



Back-to-school shopping is the time of year where you’re shopping for everything your kids need. Every year your kids are growing and with that growth, you’ll have to buy everything from back to school backpacks to room upgrades. When you’re looking to upgrade your kid’s room, don’t skip over the things that they might have outgrown. Storkcraft makes it easy for you to have high-quality furniture that will truly grow with your children.


Having a bunk bed is one of the most magical parts of being a kid. Whether your little ones are sharing a room or hoping to have some space for sleepovers, the Thomasville Kids Winslow Twin-Over-Full Convertible Bunk Bed is the only bed they’ll ever need! With a full-size mattress on the bottom and a twin-size mattress on the top, they’ll have plenty of room to study, create forts, and spread out. This bed is made with high-quality solid rubberwood and composites and has full-length safety rails on the top bunk along with a 4 step ladder. No worrying about your kids falling off!


The Thomasville Kids Winslow Twin-Over-Full Convertible Bunk Bed truly does grow with your family. What about when your kid decides they are ready for their own room or simply done with sleeping on the top bunk? Don’t worry! This bed completely transforms into two separate beds, full-size and twin-size. No more having to replace your furniture every few years, this bed is truly meant to be with you for life. The Thomasville Kids Winslow Twin-Over-Full Convertible Bunk Bed is one of the best back-to-school furniture items you buy this year.

Thomasville Kids Winslow Twin-Over-Full Convertible Bunk Bed
Storkcraft | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Herschel Supply Co.


With back-to-school season in full swing, let Herschel Supply Co. be your one-stop shop for back to school backpacks, lunch boxes, and supply cases. The Herschel Supply Co. was started by two brothers who pride themselves on creating timeless products with attention to those fine details everyone appreciates. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Herschel Supply Co. has a global following. Herschel back to school backpacks and accessories will be your scholar’s favorite items this year.

Some of the top items that you will surely be in search of this year are back to school backpacks for your littles. Year after year back to school backpacks take a beating. Spilled lunches, tumbles down the stairs or playground slides, and impromptu seating, make back to school backpacks one of the most useful and utilized school supplies on your list.

Herschel Supply Co. offers students back to school backpacks with a large assortment of patterns and styles, but one thing remains the same: durability. The Heritage Backpack XL Youth in Pastel Tye Dye and Pastel Lilac is the perfect choice for your independent and lively little. Herschel’s Heritage Backpack XL Youth delivers a large storage volume making sure your scholar can have everything they need to be successful this school year. Remember the coordinating Chapter Travel Kit to hold all the knick-knacks and school essentials. This coordinating pair in the Pastel Tye Dye is whimsical and trendy, yet mature for those in-between ages that are difficult to shop for.


Herschel Supply Co. makes supplies that are great for kids and withstand their busy lifestyles. The Settlement Backpack by Herschel Supply Co. has a vintage look and comes in 14 various color options. The standard size Settlement Backpack in Ash Rose can hold a 15” laptop, has the signature striped fabric liner, features a front storage pocket with key clip, and an exposed zipper. The Ash Rose Settlement Backpack will make going back to school easier than ever with its durable and reliable construction. From the beginning of the school year to the end, Herschel’s back to school backpacks have your back.

No more carrying lunch in a paper bag. Herschel Supply Co. has a superb collection of lunchboxes. The Pop Quiz Lunch Box is available in 12 patterns and has a soft and insulated snack compartment. The interior of the Pop Quiz Lunch Box easily wipes clean just in case an accident occurs. Herschel’s durable design will withstand a year in the cafeteria. This year get the family ready to go, with back to school backpacks, lunchboxes, and supply cases by Herschel Supply Co.


When heading back to school there is no need for the bulky plastic supply kit we grew up with. Herschel Supply Co. features the Settlement Case to hold all of your kid’s must-have school supplies and accessories. It is easy to find a Settlement Case that matches your child’s back to school backpacks because Herschel offers 15 unique color and print options. The black Settlement Case has a classic look, features a gold metal zipper, and has a handle that is convenient. Going back to school this year is going to be exciting, welcomed, and stylish thanks to Herschel Supply Co.

Heritage Backpack XL Youth – Pastel Tie Dye/Pastel Lilac | Chapter Travel Kit – Pastel Tie Dye | Settlement Backpack – Ash Rose | Pop Quiz Lunch Box – Ash Rose | Settlement Case
Herschel Supply Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Twelve Little


When you’re shopping for back to school backpacks, you’ll want to make sure that you invest in something that will last the entire school year. Backpacks and lunchboxes should be durable as well as match your kid’s unique personality. Twelve Little has an entire line of adorable coordinating back to school backpacks and lunchboxes, making your job when searching for quality back to school backpacks easier than ever with these essential combos!


Is your little one completely obsessed with everything pink and everything under the sea? Then the 12Little x Sarah Jane Kids Backpack and Lunch Bag Bundle In Pink is the perfect solution to your back to school backpacks shopping dilemma! This combo comes with a huge backpack, as well as a matching lunchbox, covered in cute mermaids, little pink narwhals, and seahorses! 12Little’s x Sarah Jane back to school backpacks and lunchboxes are water-resistant, making accidents on the way to and from school an easy clean-up.


For your dreamer, you’ll want to go for the Adventure Kids Backpack and Lunch Bag Bundle In Twinkle Star. This backpack and lunchbox combo will remind your kids to shoot for the stars! The Adventure Kids Backpack and Lunch Bag Bundle In Twinkle Star are covered with beautiful and bright stars against a dark design to make them pop even more. Both of these backpack and lunchbox combos are high-quality and meant to last for more than just one school year. With multiple interior pockets for organization, side pockets for water bottles, and adjustable straps, Twelve Little has brought us back to school backpacks that our kids will love for years!

12Little x Sarah Jane Kids Backpack and Lunch Bag Bundle In Pink | Adventure Kids Backpack and Lunch Bag Bundle In Twinkle Star
Twelve Little | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest



Let’s face it, our kid’s backpacks get a ton of wear and tear throughout the school year. From storing their books, lunches, and anything they find on the way to and from school, having sturdy backpacks is important. If your kid is adventurous, then having a sturdy backpack is essential. Wanderwild has brought us a line of back to school backpacks that will take all the wear and tear from your kids, and then some, without worrying about it breaking down!

The Explorer is one of the best back to school backpacks for kids Pre-K to 5th grade. This backpack is a perfect size, with deep pockets and reinforced seams and handles for those who are a little rougher when throwing their books in. The D-rings allow you to attach extra gear like water bottles and hand sanitizer, without jeopardizing space in the bag itself. With cute designs like The Explorer Wild Flower and The Explorer Heart Burst, your little one can return to school with their personalized style!

For those who love to roam, The Wanderer Green Stripe is a wonderful choice for back to school backpacks! This backpack not only has deep pockets and dual zippers, which are essential, but it also has a reflective tab for safety! No more worrying about your kids walking to the bus stop on a rainy day. The Wanderer Green Stripe will stay in place with the adjustable shoulder straps and even has fidget tabs for kids who have wiggly fingers. When it comes to searching for back to school backpacks, has you Wanderwild covered!

The Explorer Wild Flower | The Explorer Heart Burst | The Wanderer Green Stripe
Wanderwild | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest



A new backpack is a must-have for back to school no matter your child’s age so this year check out STATE Bags for your elementary through college students returning to campus. Designing simple, high-quality bags that will last, STATE Bags has a variety of materials, designs, prints, patterns, and even metallics that your student is sure to love.

Simple and sturdy, made to carry what you need without all the fluff, your older student will love the Kane Double Pocket Backpack in Black Nylon. With a main compartment for all of their everyday gear, a padded laptop sleeve, front pocket, and water bottle holder, your student is sure to appreciate the simplicity of this bag. Soft padded adjustable straps, a top loop, and a travel sleeve will make this your students go-to backpack for all seasons. Trendy yet classic enough to never go out of style, whether your child goes to school down the street or across the country, the Kane Double Pocket Backpack will carry all their gear no matter where they need to be.

Kane Double Pocket Backpack
STATE Bags | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Arctic Zone


Heading back to school means some essentials are in order, such as new backpacks and lunch gear from Arctic Zone. Healthy eating is key to our kids’ success so this year as they head back to the classroom, and of course, the cafeteria, keep their lunches fresh so they can enjoy the best part of their day! As parents we know hangry kids aren’t easy and with Arctic Zone you can ensure you are packing plenty of food and snacks, no matter the age of your ravenous little (or big) beast.

Arctic Zone’s Titan X Dual COmpartment Expandable Lunch Pack is ideal for those older elementary, middle, or high school kids, but is also great for preschoolers who require extra snacks or bottles. With two insulated compartments, this lunch box has double the capacity of standard lunch gear and includes 3 high-performance ice walls for up to 12 hours of cold. Featuring Deep Freeze™ high-performance insulation and a Microban® lining for easy cleaning and protection against bacteria and odors, this lunchbox has multiple carry options and includes a removable shoulder strap.

Finally, no lunch kit is complete with a reusable water bottle and the Titan Deep Freeze 20 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle is the perfect choice. Leakproof with triple layer construction, this stainless steel water bottle will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. Big enough for your kiddos to use throughout the school day, but compact enough to fit in cup holders or backpack bottle holders, the Titan Deep Freeze 20 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a great choice for all of your kids this school year, keeping everyone healthy, hydrated and on the move!

Titan Deep Freeze 20 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Titan X Dual Compartment Expandable Lunch Pack
Arctic Zone | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube



No need to go here, there, and everywhere for back-to-school products when InchBug has the kids covered this school year. InchBug features a large selection of products like lunchboxes, labels, pouches, and so many other back-to-school essentials. By using InchBug products for kids back-to-school supplies, Mom is getting quality, safe, and stylish must-haves to fill those back to school backpacks this school year.

Your littlest back-to-schooler will look great in the Personalized First Name T-Shirt by InchBug. InchBug uses a super-soft tri-blend fabrication and has a comfy crew neck. Personalized First Name T-Shirts are available from 3 months to 4T. The T-shirt is comprised of 50% polyester, 25% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, and 25% rayon jersey. Your scholar will feel and be their best selves in their InchBug swag this school year.

What would lunch be without a delicious cold drink? InchBug has the 12-ounce Thermos Funtainer Straw Bottle to help quench your student’s thirst. The Pink and Purple Thermos Funtainer Straw Bottle keeps liquids cold for 12 hours, is sweatproof, has a push-button lid with a pop-up straw, and is BPA Free. InchBug recommends hand washing the Thermos Funtainer Straw Bottle to maintain the integrity of the product. And you will want this gem to last!

One of the best times of the school day is “lunchtime.” Everyone knows how excited kids get to show off their newest lunchbox each school year. InchBug has a variety of Personalized Thermos Lunch Totes like the Magical Unicorns. The Magical Unicorn Thermos Lunch Tote can be personalized with a choice of two fonts, is 100% PVC free, has a FLEX-A-GUARD liner, protection, and foam insulation. Even better, this lunchbox can be wiped clean with a damp cloth because lunchboxes are always a mess.

The Gray Stripe Personalized Lunch Tote is a more simplistic, classic look that your child will surely love. Lunchtime will be delicious and filling as the Gray Stripe Lunch Tote by InchBug is roomy on the inside which means more space for food. This fabric lunch tote is durable, super easy to clean, and will hold up in the day-to-day school lunch battles.


The lunchroom can’t have all the fun. Spark the excitement in the classroom by styling and profiling with the “You’re the Coolest” Personalized Sequin Pouch. InchBug offers this product in blue, silver, or pink sequins, giving your darling their choice. The Personalized Sequin Pouch gives Mom and Dad a chance to personalize the product with a secret message or name. Be ready to send the kids back to school this year with one-of-a-kind personalized gear by InchBug.

Personalized First Name Tee | Personalized Thermos Lunch Tote – Magical Unicorns | Personalized Lunch Tote – Gray Stripe | Thermos Funtainer Straw Bottle – Pink/Purple | Personalized Sequin Pouch – You’re The Coolest!
InchBug | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest



With thoughts of back-to-school shopping, carpool, school activities, and packing lunches, Mom needs any advantage she can get. Fenrici offers Bento Boxes that help alleviate the daily headache of making lunches. No more struggling to find a clean container, bag, or anything else you can put food into for your child’s lunch. With the Bento Boxes by Fenrici, delicious and healthy food options have never been easier. Fear not, these Bento Boxes are the perfect size to slide in back to school backpacks.


Fenrici’s Bento Boxes feature 5 compartments that are spill-proof and portioned perfectly for your kid’s lunch. So, when lunchtime comes pull the Fenrici’s Bento Box right from those back to school backpacks with no worry that your lunch has leaked on your homework. The Bento Box has a two-clip closure that keeps the lunch secure but is easy for kids, and even toddlers, to open when it’s time to eat. Mom will love that the Bento Box is dishwasher and microwave safe. This gives Mom many more hot and cold food options when it comes to preparing lunches for back to school.


The Bento Boxes by Fenrici are Phthalate, PVC, and BPA-free and are made from an earth-friendly alternative called biodegradable wheat straw. Using Fenrici’s Bento Boxes will cut down on waste by being able to reuse the product over and over and not needing a lunch bag and instead just carrying your lunch in your back to school backpacks. Fenrici believes in giving back, so with every purchase, the company donates to the non-profit organization, Global Genes, which funds research and education for childhood rare diseases. Choose Fenrici Bento Boxes and make going back to school a little simpler and a lot more environmentally friendly.

Bento Box for Kids
Fenrici | Facebook | Instagram

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One of the best parts of going back to school for kids is getting to show off all their new gear. Shopping for new back to school backpacks and lunchboxes gives your kids a chance to show off their unique style and personality! Having a lunchbox that fits your child’s personality will ensure their smiles shine as they eagerly open their lunch each day. Funkins brings us so many options for lunch bags for our kids this year!

Funkins lunch bags (like the ultra-cute Ballerinas Lunch Bag), are convenient and spacious, making them perfect for all kids this school year. Whether you’re packing them a bento box or a variety of lunch items, you’ll be able to fit everything you need and more! Each lunch bag is insulated, ensuring that your child’s food is kept safe and fresh. With easy-to-use zippers and stain, tear, and a water-resistant design, this is a lunch bag that you will be able to use year after year. Funkins lunch bags will fit perfectly inside your kids back to school backpacks or showstopping when carried on their own.


Funkins has so many cute designs for their lunch bags! Is your little one in love with ballerinas and everything pink? Then the Ballerinas Lunch Bag is perfect for them! The Llamas Lunch Bag is perfect for any and all animal lovers, but especially for those who want to stand out this year. They even have one for our kids who feel like they belong under the sea with their Mermaids Lunch Bag! Whatever design your child chooses, they will be going to school with a lunch bag that fits their own style this year.

Ballerinas Lunch Bag | Llamas Lunch Bag | Mermaids Lunch Bag
Funkins | Facebook | Instagram | Tiktok



Don’t you just love school shopping? Parents, we know why we love it: our children are looking their best, posing for photos, and ready to start another year of learning, friendships, and growth. For the students, getting something new is exciting, but getting something new and unique is an absolute bonus. When it comes to keeping our children’s school lunches healthy and fresh, PackIt pops into our minds.


This line of lunch gear doesn’t just carry your delectables, but it keeps them cold with their freezable lunch bag technology. Gone are the days of bulky ice packs and soggy sandwiches. With the PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box and PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure, packing lunches in the morning is as easy as grabbing these out of the freezer and filling them up. Plus, without the added measure of cooling packs, there is more room for treats. So toss that lunch into your kids back to school backpacks and let the PackIt lunch boxes do their job.


Getting creative with lunches is easy now thanks to the PackIt Flex Bento Food Storage Container. Available in four bright colors, these food containers make packing lunches easy and accessible. Instead of filling lunch boxes to the brim with oversized Tupperware containers, this container can easily create separate compartments for whatever is on the menu.

Unsurprisingly, this shatter and leak-resistant container is freezer safe, top-shelf dishwasher safe, and microwave friendly. This food storage container does everything we want our lunches to do and more. Once again, PackIt is impressing parents with their top-of-the-line lunch solutions that help to make lunchtime the best part of the day.

PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box | PackIt Flex Bento Food Storage Container | PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure
PackIt | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Home Depot


All students need a desk chair to hang their back to school backpacks and support them while they do their homework. Designed with comfort in mind, this 15.7 in. width upholstery task chair with an adjustable height has thick padding with a double-layer breathable mesh seat that will keep your student cool and comfortable. Available in a variety of color options to coordinate with any room décor, this chair is exactly what your kid needs to be successful this school year.

Adjustable Height Task Chair
Home Depot | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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DaCosta Verde


When your kids leave for school in the morning, you probably make sure they have a few essentials with them: back to school backpacks, homework, etc. No matter how old your children are—preschool or high school—chances are you also send them with a lunch bag packed with their favorite foods. 

DaCosta Verde is a woman-led, family-owned business that takes the guesswork out of sustainable shopping. They design guilt-free lifestyle products such as eco-stylish lunch bags and sustainable women’s clothing that empower women to do good for themselves and the planet. The Eco-Stylish Lunch Box Amazonas is an eco-conscious insulated lunch bag made without chemicals, antibacterial, and ethically made in Brazil.  The beautiful lunch bag is 100% food-safe designed with health in mind and is inspired by the second-longest river in the world, which is located in the Amazon Rainforest.

DaCosta Verde, along with SOS Amazonia, will plant a tree in the Amazon for every lunch bag purchased. So not only are you helping the environment, but you are also keeping your child’s food safe and preserved so they can enjoy their lunch break during a busy school day. Win-win!

Eco-Stylish Lunch Box Amazonas
DaCosta Verde | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest



Kids require two basic things to survive: sleep and snacks. When it comes to snacking, GoSili has you covered! It is easy to love GoSili’s new Silicone Sandwich bags. These reusable silicone snack bags are 100% BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, perfect for snacking, and fit beautifully inside back to school backpacks. You can write on them with a washable marker, use them to steam vegetables, or send them to school for a grab-and-go snack.

You will equally love their 12 oz silicone straw cups. Available in four colors, these are perfect for little hands and big squeezes. Made with 100% European-grade platinum silicone, these cups feature an embedded stainless-steel ring that prevents the cup from collapsing when gripped. Smart, simple design meets amazing functionality! And, GoSili cups can grow with your child as they are meant to last a lifetime! These are a go-to for after-school snacks!

Silicone Sandwich bags | Silicone Straw Cups
GoSili | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Back to school shopping can be a little stressful and a few extras here and there always make their way into the shopping cart. After all, back to school backpacks are not the only necessity when starting the school year. Starting the school year off right starts with durable, reliable, useful, yet unique, stylish, and exciting supplies. Be sure that these awesome back to school backpacks and accessories make their way into your shopping cart for the best year back we can hope for!

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