300+ Popular Baby Girl Names Ending With Y

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Have you ever observed how adorable names that end with a ‘y’ are? First names ending with ‘y’ put forth a sense of uniqueness due to their nickname feel.  Such an ending also adds a special ring to the name. Our list of 300+ girl names ending in y, with meanings, includes cute, vintage, aesthetic, and few contemporary names. Take a peek into our list, including the most popular names from the Social Security Administration list.

Girl Names Ending With Y, With Meanings

Here are the girl names ending with ‘y’ and their meanings, including both traditional and few fresh ones.

1. Abby

In Hebrew origin, Abby means ‘joy of a father.’ You can give the name to your precious daughter.

2. Adaly

It is another variant of Adalia and is a ‘noble’ name for your little princess.

3. Adley

In Hebrew origin, Adley means ‘God is just.’ 

4. Adry

A name of strength as Adry means ‘mountain’ and has an Indian origin.

5. Ailey

In both Irish and Greek, Ailey refers to ‘light,’ making it an adorable name for your ray of sunshine.

6. Ainsley

A refreshing name, as Ainsley means ‘meadow’ in Gaelic.

7. Ally

Derived from Old German, Ally means ‘noble.’ It is also said to be derived from the English word, ‘ally’ meaning ‘friend.’ Either way, it is the name of trust and friendship.

8. Amadahy

If you’re in search of a Native American name referring to nature, Amadahy means ‘forest water.’ 

9. Amarey

A courageous name for your daughter, as Amarey means ‘strength’ in Kenyan. 

10. Amry

An empowering name for your child is derived from the Old German word‘Amory,’ which means ‘brave power.’

11. Amy

It is a European name of both French and Latin origin for your lovely child as it means ‘beloved.’ You can also use it as a nickname for ‘Amelia.’

12. Amity

Meaning ‘harmony’ and ‘friendship,’ your daughter will symbolize love with this name.

13. Andy

The diminutive form of Andrea, a name of Spanish and Scandinavian origin which means ‘energetic.’ 

14. Andry

It is the diminutive version of Andrea and means ‘ruler’ in Old German. 

15. Aracely

A name that knocks the sky doors and means ‘alter to heaven’ in Latin. 

16. Arely

Being the feminine form of the famous Hebrew name, Arely means ‘lion of God.’ 

17. Ashantay

The variant of Ghana is named Ashanti. It means ‘thank you.’

18. Ashley

A nature-inspired name for your daughter, as Ashley means an ‘Ash tree meadow.’

19. Atly

An Old English origin name referred to those who come ‘from the meadow.’

20. Aubrey

It is an English version of the German name ‘Alberic’ and means ‘ruler of the elves.’ 

21. Audrey

Meaning ‘noble strength,’ Audrey would be an inspiring name for your daughter.

22. Avery

A mystical name for your little one as Avery derived from the words ‘aelf’ and ‘ric,’ and means ‘ruler of the elves.’

23. Baley

An Old English operational name, ‘bailiff,’ could orient your children to pursue law.

24. Bay

Like the bay tree, it is a subtle spice and symbolizes wisdom and intuition. Also, it can be used as a nickname for ‘Isabella.’

25. Becky

Can be used as a diminutive form of Rebecca. Alternatively, in Hebrew, it means ‘captivating.’

26. Bellamy

A trust-inculcating name for your child, Bellamy means ‘a good friend’ in English, Irish, and French.

27. Berkley

This name would keep your daughter close to nature as Berkley means ‘from the Birch Wood’ in Old English. 

28. Berty

Being an Old German name, Berty meaning ‘noble,’ would be a virtuous name for your daughter.

29. Bethany

A name of inclusion, Bethany in Hebrew means ‘house of God/welcome.’

30. Betsy

A beautiful name for your daughter towards the path of the divine as it means ‘pledged to God’ in Hebrew.

31. Betty

Derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, Betty means ‘pledged to God.’

32. Beverly

A cute, unique acronym of Old English name means ‘beavers stream.’

33. Bexley

Bexley represents the orderly beauty as it means ‘a meadow of box trees.’

34. Bindy

Being the diminutive form of the Italian name ‘Bilinda,’ Bindy is an apt name for your precious one as it means ‘beautiful.’

35. Blakely

The most commonly used name ending in ‘y,’ Blakely means ‘dark wood’ in Old English.

36. Blueberry

Apart from being the fruit’s name, the name Blueberry also means ‘gift of God,’ thus describing your daughter perfectly.

37. Bonny

In search of a Scottish name for your little one? Try Bonny, which means ‘beautiful.’

38. Breezy

It is quite a refreshing name for your daughter due to its calming wind blow nature reference.

39. Brendy

An inspiring and empowering name suitable for girls as Brendy means ‘sword.’

40. Brinkley

An Old English origin name which means ‘woodland clearing.’

41. Brinley

This name means ‘hill meadow’ is a perfect nature-based name for your daughter.

42. Britney

A name to remind you of your homeland, as Brittany means ‘from the great lands of Britain.’

43. Bryony

Another plant-based name for you. Let your daughter’s life embark on love as Bryony means ‘climbing plant.’

44. Buffy

A cute name inspired by the famous show ‘Buffy, the vampire slayer.’

45. Bunny

An adorable name for your little one because she’s as cute as the ‘little rabbits.’

46. Burgundy

It is a fine name for your daughter as Burgundy refers to the ‘shade of red wine’ in French.

47. Butterfly

The power of evolution is evident through the life cycle of a butterfly. Hence, this name will remind you that change is good.

48. Cady

A simple name with a simple meaning. Cady means ‘pure’ in Hebrew.

49. Camry

A Scottish origin name that means ‘bent nose’ and could be the nickname of Cameron.

50. Camy

Can be the short form of the name Camille or Camilla. Also, in Irish, Camy means ‘champion.’

51. Candy

Just the first thing that comes to your mind on hearing these words, Candy is indeed a ‘sweet’ name for your daughter.

52. Carbry

Irish name which means ‘charioteer.’

53. Carley

A German name with a touch of liberation. Carley, the feminine version of Karl, means ‘free woman.’

54. Cary

A name that would bring calmness as it means ‘pleasant stream’ and is of Latin origin.

55. Casey

This name would shape your daughter to be courageous as it means a ‘battle bravery’ in Irish.

56. Cassidy

Ideal for a ‘wavy and curly-haired girl’ as it means the same in both Irish and Gaelic origins.

57. Cayley

With a Gaelic meaning, Cayley is a form descriptive name meaning ‘slender.’

58. Chardonnay

A stylish name with a simple meaning as Chardonnay is a ‘variety of grapes.’

59. Charity

The name Charity originates from the Latin word ‘carus,’ which means ‘value’ and would be an altruistic name for your daughter.

60. Charley

It could be used as a nickname for the French names ‘Charles,’ which means ‘free man’ or for ‘Charlotte.’

61. Charsley

Although started as a boy’s name, now neutral, this name of Old English origin means ‘manly.’

62. Chasady

In Latin, Chasady means ‘pure’ and derived from ‘chasity.’ Can also be named ‘Chastity.’

63. Chastity

Derived from the Latin word ‘cactus, this word means ‘pure.’

64. Chauncey

The name means ‘chancellor’ and is of both Latin and Old English origin.

65. Chelsey

The place where a ‘chalk lands’ is called Chelsey.

66. Cherly

A name that is both a nickname and a real name, Cherly means ‘beloved.’

67. Cherry

This simple fruit name would be a delightful name for your daughter.

68. Chesney

Chesney symbolizes nobility and wisdom, and means ‘oak grove.’ The name has English and French origin.

69. Chessy

With a Slavic origin, Chessy means ‘at peace.’

70. Chrissy

It is the diminutive form of Christina or Christy. Also, it means ‘follower of Christ.’

71. Cicily

Derived from the Latin word Cecilia, Cecily means ‘blind of self beauty.’

72. Cindy

A Greek name and the shortened version of Cynthia means ‘woman of the Mount Kynthos.’

73. Clarity

This well-known word means coherent and clear would also make a great and unique name for your daughter.

74. Cloey

In Greek, Cloey means ‘blooming.’

75. Courtney

Meaning ‘short nose,’ the name Courtney is of French origin.

76. Crosby

An English name that refers to people from the ‘cross village.’

77. Daisy

The name of a flower originated from Old English and means ‘day’s eye.’

78. Daney

It is a cute and short nickname for Danielle or Dana.

79. Daphney

This nature-themed name refers to a ‘laurel tree’ in Greek.

80. Darby

A nature reminding name as it means ‘Deer farm.’ Darby also means ‘free from envy’ in Irish. 

81. Darcy

Darcy in French means ‘dark one.’ It is also a name that resembles a princess or queen, as it means ‘from the palace.’ 

82. Daveney

This English origin name means ‘beloved.’

83. Debby

This name is more than just a nickname as it is derived from the Hebrew name ‘Deborah’ which means ‘bee.’

84. Delaney

This well-known Irish name would bring out the competitive side of your daughter as it means ‘dark challenger.’

85. Delmy

It is a fierce yet gentle name for your daughter, as it means ‘noble protector’ in German.

86. Destiny

The popular name Destiny has Latin origin and means ‘fate.’

87. Dezirey

The name of a beloved, Dezirey derived from the French ‘Desiree,’ which means ‘desired.’

88. Divinity

A heavenly name as it means ‘divine’ in its Latin and Italian origin.

89. Dotty

It is another variant of Dorothy, a Greek origin name meaning ‘gift of God.’ 

90. Dorothy

The perfect name that defines your daughter to you, ‘Dorothy’ means ‘God’s gift’ in Hebrew. ‘Dory’ is another variant.

91. Dusty

This well-known English word would be a great nickname for an adventurous girl.

92. Ebony

This girl’s name means ‘deeply black wood.’

93. Eily

A name that would aptly describe one’s inner-self means ‘light.’

94. Elly

This is a common name in different languages. In Old German, it means ‘sun-ray,’ whereas it means ‘light’ in Irish.

95. Elegy

Referencing Eulogy, the name Elegy would be a great name for your daughter in remembrance of a loved one.

96. Ellery

Resembling the name ‘Hillary,’ this name means ‘cheerful.’

97. Elody

It is a perfect European name for your daughter. It is originally a French origin name that means ‘foreign riches.’

98. Elsy

With French, German, and Hebrew origins, this is one name that showers gratitude to God, as it means ‘God’s promise.’

99. Emberly

Another version of Ember, which is the ‘glowing fragment of fire.’

100. Embry

Derived from Old English, the name means ‘hill with the flat top.’

101. Emily

The name would bring out the competitive side of your daughter as it means ‘excel’ in Latin and is also the diminutive form of ‘Aemilia.’

102. Emery

A name that has the same ring as Emma or Emily, but with a unique touch. Emery means ‘hard-working’ and has German origins.

103. Emmy

It is another name that could be used as a nickname for Emma is an origin from the German word ‘erman,’ which means ‘universal.’

104. Emory

This name of German origin would inculcate ‘strength’ into your daughter, as it means the same.

105. Ensley

Another version of Ainsley, this name refers to ‘one’s meadow.’

106. Eternity

You can pledge love, care, and protection to your daughter with this beautiful name as it means ‘forever.’

107. Evany

It is a nickname that can be used as the alternate to ‘Eva.’

108. Everly

Being similar to the German name Eberhard, ‘Everly’ means ‘brave as a wild boar.’

109. Evy

A similar one to the Latin name ‘Eve,’ means ‘to live’ and is also a perfect nickname for ‘Evelyn.’ 

110. Fairy

This mystical name and well-known name would be an adorable name to your daughter.

111. Fancy

It means ‘elegant’ and is a suitable name for your daughter.

112. Fanny

It could be used as a short name for the Spanish name ‘Stephanie,’ which means ‘crown.’

113. Fantasy

It is a simple yet creative name for your daughter.

114. Fay

It is an English origin name that can be used as the diminutive form of ‘Fairy.’

115. Felicity

Derived from the Latin word ‘Felicitas,’ it means ‘good luck’ and ‘happiness.’

116. Fernley

Itis an Old English name thatmeans ‘fern meadow.’

117. Finley

A previous boy’s name, now neutral, has gained immense popularity in recent times. It is of Scottish origin and means ‘fair-haired.’

118. Flory

The right name for a springtime baby as it means ‘flowering.’

119. Fortney

In Latin, Fortney means the ‘strong one.’

120. Franny

You could use it as a nickname for ‘Francis.’ Also, in Latin, it means ‘from France.’

121. Gabby

It is the feminine form of Hebrew Gabriel. It means ‘God is strength.’

122. Gelsey

A Persian spring name as it means ‘flower.’

123. Genny

A name of Latin, Welsh, French and English origin, Genny means ‘fair and smooth.’

124. Gentry

Another version of stating the word ‘gentle’ is through the name ‘Gentry.’

125. Gilly

The name that would inculcate responsibility every time you’d say it, as Gilly means ‘bright promise’ and has an Old German origin.

126. Ginny

It is a nickname for ‘Virginia,’ which is an ancient Roman name.

127. Glory

It can be used as a nickname for ‘Gloria’ that means ‘worship.’

128. Gracey

A name that says it all, as Gracey, also Gracy means ‘blessing’ and is derived from the word ‘grace.’

129. Gypsy

Just what you’d wonder about hearing the word Gypsy means ‘wanderer’ and would be a great name to make your daughter an adventurer.

130. Hadley

An Old English name that means ‘meadow of heather.’

131. Haely

It is another Old English name that has a field name. It means ‘hay meadow.’‘Hailey’ is another variant.

132. Haizley

A cute nickname for Haze. It also means ‘hazel wood’ in Irish.

133. Harley

In Old English, ‘hara’ means ‘hard’ and ‘leah’ means a ‘meadow,’ thus making Harley ‘a hare meadow.’

134. Harmony

An inspirational name as ‘Harmony’ means ‘unity.’

135. Hatty

Imbibe power into your daughter’s life with this name as it means ‘home ruler’ in Old German. It can also be used as the diminutive form of Henriette.

136. Hawley

A name derived from the Old English and means ‘hedged meadow.’

137. Haley

This name was derived from ‘eladhach’ that means ‘ingenious.’

138. Heavenly

A name that speaks of the ultimate happiness, makes a great name for your fairy daughter.

139. Hedy

Derived from the German word ‘hedu,’ Hedy means ‘war.’ It is also the diminutive form of ‘Hedwig.’

410. Henley

The name is of Old English origin, which means ‘high meadow.’

141. Hetty

Thename can be the diminutive form of Henriette. It also has an Old English origin and means ‘ruler of the house.’

142. Hilary

Derived from the Latin word Hilarus, Hilary meaning ‘merry or cheerful,’ is a fun name for your daughter.

143. Holiday

Just the name for a girl born on a Holiday, it means ‘born on a holy day.’

144. Holly

This name of English and Irish origins means ‘dwelling by hollow.’

145. Holley

An Old English origin name meaning ‘holy tree.’

146. Honesty

It is a name that would imbibe the act of truthfulness in your child.

147. Honey

The name of this ‘nectar’ would be ideal for your little princess.

148. Icey

This simple name means ‘ice-like.’

149. Imany

With many origins via Arabic and Swahili, Imamy refers to ‘faith.’

150. Indy

It is the short form of Indiana.

151. Islay

The most popular baby name of Scotland is also the island near the west coast of the country.

152. Ivory

Referencing an elephant’s tusk, Ivory means ‘white’ and ‘pure.’

153. Ivy

Symbolism with the ivy plant, this name means ‘faithfulness.’

154. Izzy

A Hebrew name that says ‘God’s promise.’

155. Jady

It is a name inspired by the precious stone ‘Jade.’

156. Jaimy

This name means ‘holder of the heel’ in Hebrew.

157. Janey

Janey means ‘God is grateful’ in India.

158. January

Derived from the Latin name ‘Janus,’ this name refers to the Roman God and new beginnings.

159. Jazzy

The name is inspired by the word ‘Jazz.’

160. Jenay

It is thenickname form of Janae, which means ‘God is gracious.’

161. Jenny

It is a short form of Jennifer and means ‘fai’.’ It has a Cornish origin.

162. Jersey

This English origin name refers to ‘grassy islands.’

163. Jetty

A jetty is a structure that protects the harbor. It is the name of protection and strength.

164. Johnay

Itis a South African name that means ‘God’s gift.’ 

165. Jordy

Derived from the Hebrew word, this name means ‘flowing river.’

166. Journey

It would make an adventurous name for your daughter.

167. Joy

Derived from the Old French, Joy means ‘happiness.’

168. Judy

A Hebrew origin name means ‘praised.’

169. Kailey

It is a name in both Hebrew and Welsh origins. In Hebrew, it means a ‘crown.’ It is a name perfect for your little princess, while in Welsh it means ‘slender.’

170. Karly

German name and the feminine certain of ‘Karl’ means ‘strength.’

171. Kassidy

Ideal name for curly-haired girls, as it means the same in Irish.

172. Katey

Katey can be used as a nickname for Katherine that means ‘pure’ in Greek.

173. Kay

Kay means ‘pure’ and ‘clear’ in Latin. It is a name that defines the first time you met your daughter, as it means ‘rejoice’ in Greek origin. 

174. Keily

An alternate version of the name Kylie means ‘beautiful’ in Gaelic.

175. Keely

A name that means ‘beautiful’ in Irish origin.

176. Kelby

The beauty of ‘farm near a spring’ is captured well by Kelby of Old Norse origin.

177. Kelly

Kelly means ‘courage’ in Irish.

178. Kelsy

Empower your daughter with this name derived from an Old English name ‘Coelsige,’ in which ‘Coel’ means ‘ship’ and ‘Sige’ means ‘victory.’ 

179. Kenley

Meaning ‘royal meadow,’ it is from English origin that portrays royalty.

180. Kennedy

A name fit for a lead, as Kennedy means ‘chief with the helmet’ in Scottish origin.

181. Kenzy

In Scottish origin, Kenzy means ‘fair one.’

182. Kerry

A captivating name, especially for ‘black-haired’ ones, as it means the same with an Irish and Gaelic origin.

183. Kimberly

An Old English name which originally meant ‘Cyneburg’s field.’ Cyneburg means‘royal forest.’ Alternatively, it can also be named Kimmy.

184. Kinsley

An Old English name ‘king’s meadow.’

185. Kinley

This Gaelic name means ‘warrior’ and is an empowering name for girls. 

186. Kitty

Kitty can be a nickname for Katherine or Kathy. It means ‘pure’ in old English origin.

187. Knightley

Another nature and warrior-related name, Knightley, means ‘knights meadow’ and is of old English origin.

188. Ky

A Hawaiian origin name captures the island’s essence in its true form as it means ‘ocean.’

189. Lacey

The name Lacey is a native-based name that means ‘From Lassy’ and is an old French origin name.

190. Lady

‘Lady,’ a popular ancestral themed name used to address the highest rank higher woman of a house.

191. Lainey

Derived from Elaine, Lainey has an old French origin and means ‘bright light.’

192. Legacy

A strong name that would make your daughter pursue excellence, as Legacy refers to ‘success.’

193. Landry

Derived from the French, this name means ‘landowner’ or ‘ruler’ in English origins.

194. Lexy

This name is the alternative form of Alexis or Alexandra in Greek origin. It means ‘man’s defender.’

195. Libby

It is the other version of Elizabeth that means ‘my God is an oath’ in Hebrew. It can also be used as nickname for Olivia.

196. Liberty

Derived from the Latin word and inspired by the Roman Goddess Libertas, this name would imbibe the concept of ‘freedom’ well into your daughter’s life.

197. Lilly

Inspired by the flower ‘Lily,’ this name is the purest beautiful name in resemblance to nature.

198. Lindy

It can be used as a nickname for Linda or Lindsay. It also means ‘beautiful’ in Italian, Spanish, and Latin origins.

199. Lory

A nature-based name refers to a ‘laurel plant.’

200. Lovely

The name that would describe all the things you’d like to say to your daughter in one word as it means ‘beautiful.’

201. Loxley

Referring to ‘Locc’s meadow,’ this is a habitat-inspired name and is also used to refer those living ‘by the lake.’

202. Lucy

It is the feminine form of the Latin name Lucius which means ‘light.’

203. Lyndsey

The name could mean ‘linden trees’ or ‘lake.’ With either meaning, this name means ‘peace.’

204. Macey

Maceyis the name of a warrior, as it means ‘weapon.’

205. Mackenzy

The name symbolizes courage, as it means ‘born of fire’ in Gaelic.

206. Maeby

It could be used as a nickname for ‘Mary,’ which means ‘bitter.’ It can also be the nickname for ‘Margaret,’ which refers to ‘pearls.’

207. Mandy

It could be used as a nickname for ‘Amanda’ that means ‘worthy love.’

208. Margery

Derived from Margaret, this name originates from the Latin word ‘Margarita,’ which means ‘pearls.’

209. May

‘May’ is inspired by the Greek Goddess name, Maius.

210. Mary

A famous name of Hebrew origin means ‘beloved’ and ‘drop of the sea.’

211. Marley

This old English origin name means ‘from the pleasant lake meadow.’

212. Melody

This name would give a musical touch to her life as it means ‘song’ and originates from Greek origin.

213. Mercy

It is a name to inculcate the toughest acts in your daughter’s life as it means ‘compassion’ and ‘forgiveness.’

214. Miley

Originally, Miley was the feminine version of the Hawaiian name Maile. This name has gained popularity after the famous Hannah Montana singer Miley Cyrus.

215. Mindy

It can be used as a diminutive form for Melinda, which means ‘sweet’ in Latin.

216. Molly

The name can also be the nickname of Mary and means ‘star of the sea.’

217. Nancy

A philanthropic name of Hebrew origin for your daughter as it means ‘grace.’

218. Nanny

The name Nanny is inspired from Hebrew and means ‘favored by God.’

219. Nataly

Natalis in Latin means ‘Christ’s birthday.’ Nataly means ‘Christmas Day,’ it is a great name for those born during Christmas time.

220. Neely

It can be used  as a short form of Cornelia, the most popular Roman name, which means ‘horns.’

221. Noemy

The other variant of the Biblical name ‘Naomi’ means ‘pleasant’ in Hebrew.

222. Nohemy

Just the name that describes your daughter as it means ‘delightful.’

223. Oakley

This name refers to the oak tree, which symbolizes ‘nobility.’

224. Orly

It means ‘light’ in Hebrew.

225. Paisley

The remarkable name means ‘church,’ and it would be a holy name for your daughter.

226. Pansy

It can be used as the shortened form of ‘Patricia,’ which means ‘noble’ in Latin.

227. Patsy

Patsy means ‘noble,’ in Old English.

228. Patty

The name could be used as a diminutive form of ‘Patricia,’ which means ‘noble.’

229. Pearly

Just what the name states. It means ‘pearl’ that symbolizes knowledge.

230. Peggy

It is another name that means ‘pearl’ and is inspired by ‘Margaret.’

231. Penley

An Old English name that means ‘enclosed meadow.’

232. Penny

It is a nickname for ‘Penelope,’ which means ‘weaver’ in Greek origin.

233. Peony

An uncommon floral name also means ‘healing’ in Greek origin.

234. Pinky

A popular word as an uncommon word would be a definite catchy name. It represents the color ‘pink’ and ‘sweet nature’ of a person.

235. Polly

This Irish name includes the essence of an ocean and means ‘star of the sea.’

236. Poppy

A floral origin name that never gets old. Poppy represents the flower of the same plant and has an Old English origin.

237. Posy

The fun name refers to ‘a bunch of flowers’ in Old English.

238. Presley

Derived from the Old English word ‘Preost,’ Presley means ‘priest’s field.’

239. Purity

Purity meaning ‘virtue’ would be a motivating name for your daughter.

240. Quincy

It is a stylish French origin game. ‘Quin’ refers to ‘five’ here, and the name means ‘estate of the fifth son.’

241. Rely

Itis a name of trust and friendship and based on the English word ‘rely.’

242. Remy

Although a boy’s name, Remy means ‘oarsman,’ the guide of sea journeys and it has a French origin.

243. Rhapsody

It means a ‘poem’ in Old Greek or ‘a sudden feeling of enthusiasm.’

244. Riley

A name of both English and Irish origin, it would imbibe ‘courage’ into your daughter’s heart. 

245. Romilly

A European name of French and English origin and means ‘from Rome.’

246. Romy

It is the short form of ‘Rosemary.’

247. Rory

It is a name designed for ‘red-heads’ as it means the same in Celtic and Irish origins.

248. Rosemary

It refers to the herb and also means ‘sea’s dew.’

249. Rosy

In Latin origin, the flower name Rosy refers to Rose.

250. Roxy

It can be used as a nickname for Roxanne. It also means ‘dawn’ in Persian.

251. Royalty

It can be a‘royal’ name for your little princess.

252. Ruby

Ruby symbolizes ‘power’ and would be a motivating name for your little warrior.

253. Rudy

It is derived from German and means ‘famous wolf.’

254. Sally

It means ‘princess’ and is of Hebrew origin.

255. Sandy

A name to raise a lovely woman as it means ‘defender of men.’

256. Serenity

A self-pacifying name as it means ‘peace’ and ‘calm’ in Latin.

257. Shanley

Itis a vintage name with Irish and Gaelic origins and means ‘small and ancient.’ 

258. Shelby

Representing the elegance of a ‘willow,’ the name ‘Shelby’ is a beautiful name for your daughter.

259. Shelley

It means ‘little lamb’ in Hebrew.

260. Sherry

Derived from the French word ‘cheri,’ Sherry means ‘beloved one.’ 

261. Shirley

An English origin name where ‘shire’ means ‘bright’ and ‘leah’ means ‘meadow.’

262. Sindy

It is the alternative version of the Greek name ‘Cynthia,’ which means ‘moon goddess.’

263. Sky

The most commonly seen part of our earth would make a unique and pretty name.

264. Sophy

The name would inculcate the thirst for knowledge as it means ‘wisdom’ in Greek and could also be the nickname for ‘Sophia.’

265. Stacy

Just the right name that would motivate your child to be punctual. Stacy means ‘productive’ and is from English origin.

266. Stefany

Stephany, a French origin name, represents the thing most parents want to gift their daughter, ‘the crown.’

267. Story

A simple name that means ‘tale.’

268. Sunny

The name of our star, which symbolizes happiness.

269. Suzy

It can be used as a nickname for Susan. Also, derived from the Hebrew, ‘Shoshana,’ Suzy means‘lily.’

270. Sunday

If your daughter was born on a Sunday, this would be the perfect day for her. It is also the day of the Sabbath for most Christians.

271. Sydney

The name of Saint-Denis of Paris contracted into Sydney, is a popular name for girls.

272. Taffy

This Welsh origin name means ‘beloved.’ It is also a version of the River Taff.

273. Talley

This Gaelic name descends from the Irish name Taithleach, which means ‘quiet.’

274. Tammy

A name with several meanings. It is the female version of ‘Thomas’ or the shortform of ‘Tamara,’ which means ‘palm tree’ in both Russian and Hebrew origins.

275. Tansy

Give your daughter the gift of life with this name, as it means ‘eternal’inGreek origin.

276. Terry

This English origin name could be the nickname of the Greek origin name Theresa, which means ‘late summer.’

277. Tiffany

A name that means ‘appearance of God’ as this was the day Wise Men saw Baby Jesus for the first time.

278. Tilly

The nickname could be used as the simple form of the German name ‘Matilda,’ and means ‘battle strength.’

279. Tory

It can be used as a nickname for Victoria, which means ‘victory.’

280. Trinity

A well-known Holy word in Christianity that refersto the ‘Holy triad.’

281. Trixy

Originating from the Latin name ‘viator,’Trixy name means ‘voyager.’

282. Trudy

TheGerman origin name means ‘strength.’

283. Tuesday

The second day of the week originates from the Old English word ‘Tiw’s Day’ named after Mars.

284. Unity

It would be a great name to inculcate ‘the value of togetherness’ in your daughter.

285. Valary

Derived from the French Valarie, this name defines braveness and courage.

286. Valley

The beautiful curves of the mountains that define them would make an impressive name for your daughter.

287. Vallory

If in need of a name that defines strength and is European, Vallory means ‘brave’ in Latin.

288. Vanity

It means ‘pride’ and is of French origin.

289. Verity

Meaning ‘truth’ in Latin, Verity would be an inspiring name for your daughter.

290. Vicky

It is a nickname for ‘Victory,’ 

291. Waverley

This graceful name means ‘meadow of shaking aspens’ and is a nature-inspired name ofOld English origin.

292. Weatherly

Itis an Old English surname to those who reared sheep as ‘wether’ meant ‘sheep.’

293. Wednesday

Derived from the Old English term ‘day of Woden’ and ‘day of Mercury,’ this name would be a great choice for a Wednesday baby.

294. Wellesley

It is a name used for a girl from ‘willow farms.’

295. Wendy

This English origin name means ‘friend.’

296. Whittney

A name they mean ‘from the white Island’ is from Old English.

297. Windy

The name of one of the fiercest elements of nature, Windy, can be a powerful name for your daughter.

298. Winny

It can be used as a nickname for Winona, ‘first-born daughter’ or for Wynne, ‘blessed’ in Welsh.

299. Winry

The nickname of the Welsh name Winifred means ‘joy’ and ‘holy.’

300. Zody

The name means ‘beloved’ is of African origin.

301. Zoey

It means an ‘eternal life,’ a gift that you’d love to give your daughter.

We hope you liked most of the names in our list of 300+ girl names ending in y, with meanings. Pick a name that has a meaning related to your little one’s birth. When in doubt, discuss with your family members or friends.

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