The Parenting Hack That Changed My Life | Reclaim Play Part 1

This is my true parenting story of how I discovered the parenting hack that saved me. I was postpartum, working full-time with a newborn, toddler, preschooler, and no help. How to make parenting less stressful? ( I wondered, when does parenting get easier? Is there another way? I was in a dark place when a sudden crisis made me discover the solution to my parenting overwhelm and stress. Learn how to get your child playing independently in my FREE parenting course going on now that will get you out of overwhelm to enjoy parenting with little kids at home.

00:00 The dragon costume fiasco that sent us halfway around the world.
02:32 What I learned from a palliative nurse at my lowest point.
05:56 What happened when I entered the research rabbit hole.
08:25 The day I told the preschool teacher my kids wouldn’t be coming back.
14:24 The simple parenting hack that saved me.
17:14 The solution that freed me from my stress and overwhelm.
19:10 There are parents manning a chatbox right now…

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