100 Hawaiian Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings

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Most places have last names that have been present in families for centuries. However, it is not the case with Hawaii. Hawaiian naming traditions have changed over the past few decades. The island’s original inhabitants mostly used first names. But, with an inflow of immigrants to these magnificent islands, the use of surnames has become common these days.

Although there are a few surnames of Hawaiian origin, you may observe that the others have been adopted from different cultures and languages. You may also notice that most of these surnames sound familiar. It is because these names are the abbreviated forms of other surnames since the Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters.

Have a peek into the list of the 100 common Hawaiian last names or surnames with meanings.

100 Hawaiian Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings

Each of these names is unique on its own since they hold a special meaning.

1. Ailana

A name as beautiful as it sounds, Ailana is of Finnish origin and refers to the ‘moonlight.’

2. Ai’la’ausd

It is a religious Hawaiian last name that means ‘Fire God.’

3. Aka

This name can mean ‘affectionate,’ or ‘noble.’ Sometimes, it also indicates ‘lightness’ and ‘clarity.’

4. Akamai

Derived from the word Akeakamai, the one who seeks knowledge, Akamai means ‘clever’ and ‘intelligent.’

5. Akamu

This name is the Hawaiian version of the biblical name ‘Adam,’ the first human being created by God. It also means ‘of the Earth.’

6. Akana

According to the Japanese Kanji culture, Akana means ‘bright’ and ‘play the music.’

7. Akina

It is a Japanese-origin name that would bring warmth to your heart as it means ‘autumn’ or ‘bright.’

8. Ailana

An apt name for a ‘beautiful’ child, Ailana means ‘the God’s strength.’

9. Alama

It is a name of Swahili origin meaning ‘sign’ or ‘symbol.’

10. Alana

Derived from High German, this word means ‘precious.’ But in Hawaiian, it means ‘beautiful offering’ or ‘awakening.’

11. Alika

The Hawaiian last name likely has a Nigerian origin and means ‘the most beautiful’ in both languages.

12. Alohi

It means ‘brilliant’ in Hawaiian and also refers to ‘shining.’

13. Anakoni

A sweet last name to cherish love as it means ‘precious’ and ‘priceless.’

14. Anela

Anela is a Hawaiian last name of Greek origin. It is similar to the English name Angela and was adopted by early Hawaiian Christians.

15. Ano

Ano has its origin in German and means ‘pristine.’

16. Aolani

This is a name to remind you of the sky as it means ‘beautiful clouds.’

17. Aouli

This name paints the picture of a perfect day as it means ‘clear blue sky.’

18. Aria

A popular surname in Hawaii, it means ‘solo melody,’ and has its origin in Italian.

19. Aukai

A name that would keep you closer to the sea as it means ‘seafarer’ or ‘sailor.’

20. Etana

If you want your baby girl to depict ‘strength,’ you can name her Etana, which also means ‘dedication’ and ‘strong.’ This name is of Hebrew origin and is also the female version of ‘Ethan.’

21. Haku

The name of power and responsibility, Haku means ‘supervisor.’

22. Hale

It is the Hawaiian version of the English first name Harry. The name also means the sweet and simple word, ‘home.’

23. Halia

A name to remind you of someone you cherish the most, as Halia means ‘reminiscence’ in Hawaiian.

24. Haoa

It is a Hawaiian last name and the vernacular form of English ‘Howard.’ It is a common surname and means ‘army guard’ or ‘chief.’

25. Haukea

Representing a soft personality, Haukea means the beautiful ‘white snow.’

26. Havika

The last name signifies love and means ‘beloved’ or ‘dearest.’ It has a Hebrew origin and is also the vernacular form of ‘David.’

27. Hekekia

It is the vernacular name of the king of Judah and comes from his biblical name, ‘Hezekiah.’

28. Hikialani

A name to push you closer to Nirvana as it means ‘looking up to heaven.’

29. Ikaika

Originating from Hawaiian, Ikaika means ‘a strong man.’

30. Inoa

This last name has two interpretations. It means ‘name chants’ and is also said to be the Hawaiian version of ‘the virgin Mary.’

31. Iona

It is shorted form of ‘Ionakana’, which means ‘gift from God.’ It is also the Hawaiian version of ‘Jonah’ and the common Hebrew name ‘Jonathan.’

32. Ionakana

The Hawaiian version of Hebrew name Jonathan, which means ‘the gift from God.’

33. Iosua

It is derived from the biblical name ‘Joshua.’

34. Isaia

It is the Hawaiian version of the biblical name ‘Isaiah’ and means ‘the God of salvation.’

35. Kahale

It is a Hawaiian surname indicating the place where we commonly seek comfort, ‘the home.’

36. Kahananui

This Hawaiian last name means ‘the great undertaking’ or can also mean ‘the great work.’

37. Kahele

It is a common Hawaiian surname and means ‘to go.’

38. Kahie

It is a unique surname originating from two Hawaiian words, ‘ka,’ meaning ‘the,’ and ‘hue,’ meaning ‘gourd.’

39. Kai

It is a surname that resonates with Hawaii since it means ‘ocean.’ It originates from a Japanese word with the same meaning.

40. Kainoa

If you want your baby to remind you of the ocean every time you look at her, name her Kainoa, as it means ‘child of the sea’ or ‘free-flowing ocean.’

41. Kaiwi

To remind you of your past, you can opt for this last name of Polynesian origin that means ‘keepers of the ancestors.’ In Hawaiian, it also means ‘the bone,’ marking the significance as life.

42. Kalama

Kalama means ‘the torch.’ It is also the name of the queen consort of Hawaii between 1837-1854.

43. Kalani

It can even make a suitable name for your precious and beautiful child as it means, ‘the heaven’ or ‘the royal one.’

44. Kalawaiʻa

It is the confluence of the Hawaiian words ‘ka,’ meaning ‘the’ and ‘lawaiʻa,’ meaning ‘fisherman.’

45. Kaleo

A name that would remind you of the oceans’ music as Kaleo means ‘one voice’ or ‘one sound.’

46. Kalua

It also makes for an ideal first name, and it means ‘companion.’

47. Kama

It is a simple Hawaiian surname that means ‘child.’

48. Kamaka

The name Kamaka has different meanings in many languages. In Hawaiian, it means ‘the eye,’ whereas in Maori, the indigenous Polynesian language from New Zealand, it means ‘rock.’

49. Kamealoha

It is a name that suits the affection for your child, for it means ‘the beloved one.’

50. Kana

According to Hawaiian mythology, Kana is a demigod who had the power to stretch incredibly.

51. Kane

Kane is the God of procreation in Hawaiian mythology and the highest of the four Gods. He is also called the father of living creatures.

52. Kapule

The Hawaiian surname is inspired by the eternal belief in God, and it means ‘magic’ or ‘prayer.’

53. Ka’uhane

The surname is derived from the Hawaiian word Uhane, which means ‘spirit’ or ‘soul.’

54. Kawai

The last name that will remind you of Hawaii as it means ‘coming from water’ or simply ‘the water.’

55. Kayl

It is a last name of Hawaiian origin and means ‘free man.’

56. Keahi

It means ‘flames’ in Hawaiian and is a name that resonates with nature’s powerful element, fire.

57. Keaka

This surname means ‘the reflection’ in Hawaiian.

58. Kealani

In Hawaiian, ‘Lani’ refers to ‘heaven,’ and ‘kea’ refers to ‘white.’ ‘A clear sky’ or ‘white heaven’ is what this last name represents.

59. Kealoha

The surname likely has its origin in Maori, and it means ‘the love.’

60. Kealohilani

The name that brings hope, as it means ‘bright heaven.’

61. Keanu

Quite a suitable name for a place full of trees and oceans, as it means ‘cool’ or ‘breeze.’ It is also the name of the famous actor Keanu Reeves.

62. Keawe

A unique Hawaiian surname, Keawe means ‘thread’ and is of Hawaiian origin.

63. Kehaulani

It is a popular Hawaiian last name and means ‘heavenly dew from the sky.’

64. Kekepania

It is the Hawaiian version of the Greek name ‘Stephanie,’ which means ‘woman with a crown.’

65. Kekoa

It means a ‘warrior’ or a ‘koa tree,’ and it is a surname that symbolizes strength and subtlety.

66. Kelekolio

It is the Hawaiian version of the English name ‘Gregory,’ which itself has its origin in Ancient Greek.

67. Keli’i

A unique Hawaiian surname, it means ‘the chief’ or ‘the head.’

68. Keona

It has its origin in both Polynesian and Hawaiian, and means ‘the gift of God.’

69. Kiana

Kiana is a divine last name of Hawaiian origin and means ‘Goddess of the moon.’

70. Konani

This last name would add a touch of dazzle to your name as it means ‘bright.’

71. Kulani

In Hawaiian, Kulani means ‘a reveal to heaven,’ and is a unique Hawaiian surname.

72. Lani

Lani is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘blue sky,’ and is also used to refer to the ‘heaven.’

73. Lee

It is inspired by a Korean name, and refers to a ‘plum tree.’

74. Leilani

The Hawaiian surname comes from the words ‘Lei,’ meaning ‘flower,’ and ‘Lani,’ meaning ‘heaven.’ Thus, Leilani means the beautiful ‘heavenly flower.’

75. Leimomi

Another name that resonates with the ocean, Leimomi, means ‘wreath of pearls.’

76. Likeke

It is a surname that depicts courage, since Likeke means ‘powerful’ or ‘brave.’ It is also the vernacular version of the English first name ‘Richard.’

77. Luda

This Hawaiian surname is the vernacular form of the name Jude.

78. Lui

It is a surname of German and French origin and a vernacular form of the first name Louis.

79. Mahelona

It is derived from the name of the biblical character Mahlon, the first husband of Ruth.

80. Mahi’ai

It comes from the Hawaiian language and was originally used to refer to a ‘farmer.’

81. Mahoe

It is a rare Hawaiian surname that means ‘twins.’ The name also indicates a ‘small bushy tree.’

82. Makali

A surname of Hawaiian origin, Makali means ‘myrtle tree,’ or could also refer to ‘small eyes.’

83. Makaio

This unique Hawaiian surname refers to a ‘gift from God.’

84. Maliah

It is the Hawaiian version of the English name Maria, which originally comes from Hebrew.

85. Mana

It is considered a sacred word in Hawaiian culture, and originally comes from Japanese. Mana refers to a ‘spiritual energy.’

86. Manu

It is a beautiful last name, which is close to nature. Manu means ‘bird’ in Hawaiian.

87. Maui

The last name has Hawaiian and Polynesian origins and means ‘God of fire.’ The name is also used as a first name and has become popular since the release of the Disney film, Moana.

88. Mililani

A beautiful last name, Mililani means ‘heaven’s love’ in Hawaiian.

89. Moana

It is of Hawaiian and Polynesian origins and refers to the ‘sea’ or ‘ocean.’ Moana is also used as a first name.

90. Nakamura

It is a Japanese name adopted by Hawaiians and means ‘middle village.’

91. Nani

The Hawaiian surname has multiple meanings and refers to ‘pretty,’ ‘beautiful,’ or ‘attractive flower.’

92. Noelani

It is a sweet surname of Hawaiian origin, Noelani means ‘dew’ or ‘heavenly mist.’

93. Palakiko

The Hawaiian surname is derived from the Spanish name Francisco, which comes from the English first name Francis.

94. Pele

In Hawaiian mythology, Pele means ‘God of volcano,’ and is considered the creator of the islands.

95. Peleke

It is the Hawaiian version of the German name Frederick, which means ‘peaceful ruler’ in German.

96. Pualani

The lovely Hawaiian surname means ‘heavenly offspring.’

97. Sophia

It comes from the English first name Sophia, which is derived from Greek and means ‘wisdom.’

98. Urima

The name has Hawaiian and Polynesian origins and means ‘Earth’s fruit.’

99. Wailani

It is a surname that represents the oceans of Hawaii and means ‘heavenly water.’

100. Wong

The name originally comes from the Chinese surname Wang, meaning ‘king’ or ‘monarch.’ The surname reached Hawaii with the Cantonese people who migrated to the islands in the 18th century.

Several Hawaiian surnames have origins in languages spoken by the immigrants, while others originated in Hawaiian or Polynesian mythology. These last names give us a glimpse into the fascinating mythological and demographical history of the islands.

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