16 kids’ movies and shows that are new on Netflix Canada in March 2021

New On Netflix Canada Kids March 2021 1280x720 Starbeam

Every month, Netflix Canada adds family-friendly shows and movies for your kids to stream. Here’s what’s coming up in March 2021.

Netflix Canada has announced which new TV shows and movies it will be adding to its lineup next month and, of course, that means more options for kids! There are a bunch of titles to look forward to in March, including Michelle Obama’s new show Waffles + Mochi, new seasons of StarBeam and WordParty and plenty of kids’ movies like Pokémon Detective Pikachu and The Tale of Despereaux. Check out the full lineup with specific release dates below.

But first, an important note: The age recommendations offered below are approximate. Every kid is different, and you’re the best judge of what’s appropriate and what your kid can handle.

Photo: Netflix

StarBeam, Season 3

Best for: 4+
StarBeam is back with her family and favourite sidekicks to defend Somerset from all the wacky villains trying to stir up trouble and spoil the fun! Available March 9

Thomas & Friends: Marvelous Machinery: A New Arrival

Best for: 4+
With a technology fair in Sodor, Thomas and the Stream Team tackle a flurry of tasks—but can they complete their deliveries before the grand opening? Available March 1

New On Netflix Canada Kids March 2021 1280x720 Wordparty

Photo: Netflix

Word Party, Season 5

Best for: 3+
Party with animal babies Franny, Bailey, Kip, Lulu and Tilly as they learn new words and life lessons in English and Mandarin through song and dance! Available March 2

Thomas & Friends: Marvelous Machinery: World of Tomorrow

Best for: 4+
Amid special demonstrations in Sodor, Thomas and the gang worry they’ll be replaced by new inventions until a mission shows how useful they really are. Available March 1

New On Netflix Canada Kids March 2021 1280x720 AlienTV

Photo: Netflix

Alien TV, Season 2

Best for: 7+
Alien reporters Ixbee, Pixbee and Squee return to Earth, where they learn about more odd human customs and inventions like trains and fashion. Available March 19

Bakugan: Armored Alliance

Best for: 8+
Dan Kouzo and his crew of heroic brawlers battle both challengers and powerful, evil forces as they work to protect humans and the Bakugan. Available March 15

New On Netflix Canada Kids March 2021 1280x720 Cityofghosts

Photo: Netflix

City of Ghosts

Best for: 7+
Meet the Ghost Club! Their adventures take them all around Los Angeles as they interview ghosts, solve problems and learn about their city’s history. Available March 5


Best for: 11+
After being abandoned at a fair, Billy constantly searches for his mother. His life, however, takes a huge turn when he inherits the superpowers of a powerful wizard. Available March 1

New On Netflix Canada Kids March 2021 1280x720 Countrycomfort

Photo: Netflix

Country Comfort

Best for: 8+
An aspiring young country singer finds the band she’s been missing when she takes a job as a nanny for a musically talented family. Available March 19

Rainbow High, Season 1

Best for: 8+
With Grit, Love, Action and Moxie (G.L.A.M.), the students of Rainbow High combine their unique creative skills and work together to achieve their unlimited dreams today. Available March 29

New On Netflix Canada Kids March 2021 1280x720 Octonautsandtheringoffire

Photo: Netflix

Octonauts & the Ring of Fire

Best for: 4+
When lava-spewing volcanoes start a chain reaction of disasters across the ocean, the Octonauts must work together to save their sea creature friends. Available March 30

Happy Feet Two

Best for: 4+
When the penguins face a new threat, Mumble, with the help of his family and friends, decides to bring together the entire penguin population in order to save their species. Available March 1

New On Netflix Canada Kids March 2021 1280x720 SecretMagicControlAgency

Photo: Netflix

Secret Magic Control Agency

Best for: 8+
Hansel and Gretel of fairy tale fame—now acting as secret agents—must use magic, clever thinking and teamwork on a mission to find a missing king. Available March 25

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Best for: 7+
After the demise of his father, Tim travels to Ryme city where he runs into his father’s Pokemon partner, Pikachu. They team up and try to work on the case left unfinished by Tim’s father. Available March 23

Michelle Obama Waffles Mochi Netflix 1280x720

Photo: Netflix

Waffles + Mochi

Best for: 5+
Curious puppet pals Waffles and Mochi travel the world exploring the wonders of food and culture while learning how to cook with fresh ingredients. Available March 16

The Tale of Despereaux

Best for: 5+
Three unlikely heroes: a misfit mouse, an unhappy rat and a servant girl find their fate intertwined with that of a princess. Available March 3

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