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Winter is here and most of us are in the thick of managing our dry, flaky skin. We’re staying indoors more, but that doesn’t excuse us from uncomfortable itchy skin. If the heat in your home is anything like mine it’s super drying and almost unbearable at times. As a result my skin and hair are left needing a lot more TLC than usual. If you fall into this category too, we have you covered, mama.

Below, find editor-approved beauty products for your cleansing, moisturizing, and wrinkle-reducing needs:

Conz Preti, Content Director

Hairstory hair balm

​I’m not a fan of blowdrying my hair, I’m clumsy, I have curls, I don’t have time, you get it. So I just air dry year-round (yes, even when it’s cold). I have a lot of postpartum regrowth which translates to hairs sticking up and some frizz. This balm has been amazing to my hair, it cuts down drying time and reduces frizz.

Eight sticks lip trick

​My lips are always dry during the winter, plus now I’ve been struggling with cold sores when my period comes (it suuuucks). This mask has been a game-changer for my poor lips. It keeps them moisturized AND helps them heal when I’m going through a sore episode.

Tower 28 SOS daily rescue facial spray

I recently discovered this spray and it immediately became a must in my morning routine (which usually consists of splashing water on my face while holding a baby in one hand and having another pull at my pants… yay twins!). I spray it before I apply moisturizer and it has kept my skin so happy during my first frigid Maine winter.

Diana Spalding, Health + Wellness Director

Saturday Skin intense hydration mask

​These are my absolute favorite sheet masks. I use them about once per week, using a technique I actually learned from a Motherly editor. I apply a clay mask for about 15 minutes, then remove it gently with a washcloth. Next, I use this sheet mask (hint: if there is extra product in the pouch, I squeeze it into my palms and rub it on my neck and chest—waste not want not!). When I take the mask off, I let the product dry on my face and then I gently pat a face oil onto my skin. My face feels incredibly soft and hydrated after this.

Laurel eye balm

​I am usually not a person who splurges on, well, anything. Generic brands head to toe, all the way. But my undereye area was really starting to suffer, from a combination of my lack of sleep, the dry winter air and my skin’s sensitivity. I realized it was time to invest, at least a little.

I tried many different eye creams, but when I found this eye balm from Laurel I knew I had arrived. It’s made of 100% plant materials and I swear I can feel my skin saying thank you when I put it on. I love that it keeps my underlies hydrated without feeling greasy (even though it’s fairly greasy when you first put it on).

Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

Volition celery green cream

My skin is pretty neutral—not too oily, not too dry—so I don’t ever need a heavy moisturizer. However, a light one is a non-negotiable and the Celery Green Cream from Volition is my HG. I love the way the gel-like consistency sinks in without leaving a greasy slick and because it’s water-based, it doesn’t feel sticky either. Also, as the last step in my routine, I’ve found it’s the one product where the scent matters most since I have to smell it for the next little while. This one smells fresh and clean and doesn’t linger too long either.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. framboos glycolic resurfacing night serum

​I discovered this as a birthday gift from Sephora a couple of years ago and subsequently bought the travel size every time I ran out. Recently, I admitted it’s an integral part of my nighttime routine and shelled out for the full size. It’s the splurgiest product in my line up but as far as I’m concerned, totally worth it. It really helps tackle the fine lines that make me grumpy and keeps my skin looking refreshed and dewy in the morning.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. vitamin C brightening serum

​Vitamin C is clutch for brightening skin and evening out skin tone and unfortunately, I hate most of them. They’re all too often sticky, stinky and leave my face looking like a shiny robot. This one not only delivers results, but the formula is more like a thin lotion than a serum with a divinely orangey scent.

Pleni Naturals enzyme cleansing oil

This may be my most favorite cleanser ever. It’s an oil cleanser, but thicker than others that I’ve used. More like the consistency of thin honey. The rich formula is soothing without being greasy or sticky and works to remove even the most stubborn mascara. Most appreciated though, it leaves my skin feeling cleansed and fresh without that crackly, instantly parched feeling.

Jamie Orsini, Assistant News Editor

e.l.f. lip exfoliator

I love this lip exfoliator! It works so well and tastes like brown sugar. I really like that it comes in a twist-up lipstick tube, as opposed to a little pot. There’s no need to use my hands or an applicator.

Voir hair masque + scalp detox

I just discovered this masque and I’m obsessed with it. I usually keep my curly hair short but because of the pandemic, I haven’t gone for a haircut in almost a year. My hair is much longer than I’m used to and my curls were starting to look lifeless. I use this once a week and I’ve noticed a definite improvement: my hair is shinier and curls are tighter.

Deena Campbell, Senior Lifestyle Editor

PCA SKIN daily defense mist

My skin is always dry. No seriously, it’s always dry. It’s so nice to give myself a spritz keep me feeling refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. I love that it’s infused with antioxidants that help protect against environmental stressors including blue light (thanks computers!).

Native deodorant

I’m a huge fan of Native, but this collaboration with author, designer and Jungalow founder, Justina Blakeney is a must-have. The limited-edition scents truly encompass a world of plants, good vibes and fresh air—seriously everything I need to keep me afloat these days.

Kiehl’s accelerated clarity renewing ampoules

On days when I feel like my face is going to fall off from dryness, I like to supercharge my routine with this two-week treatment that’s formulated with a cool mix of glycolic, lactic and phytic acids that helps brighten my skin.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You’ve got this.

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