Kid Entrepreneur: 7 Practical Reasons To Encourage Your Kid To Be One

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Are your youngins running a 5-star restaurant in your kitchen like a kid entrepreneur? Or possibly designing the next popular app or clothing line? You may just have the next business tycoon on your hands. Here are 7 reasons to foster their go-getter attitude and encourage your child to be a kid entrepreneur.

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Teaches Kids To Set and Accomplish Goals

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Setting goals is very important. Goals give us direction, serve as motivators, and ultimately provide a sense of accomplishment once they have been met. Some days goals are as simple as completing a load of laundry, making it to the bank, or only eating three pieces of Halloween candy. Long term goals are often much more complex and take a little more strategic planning to accomplish. Encouraging your child to become a kid entrepreneur can give them experience with setting and achieving both short and long-term goals. Learning how to plan, implement, and evaluate their goals will help them become successful in their future endeavors.

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Teaches Kids Financial Literacy

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Ever wonder if there is a better way to explain money to your kids other than “it doesn’t grow on trees”? Your child will learn through their entrepreneurial venture that money is earned. They also get to learn that it takes money to make money. Supplies, products, marketing, and wages are all expenses that they may encounter to keep their dream running. They soon will find that their dream must start with something small or unrelated to fund their bigger dream. Don’t be surprised after long hours, days, weeks, months if you see a big difference in their gratitude. We can all get down with boosting gratitude, right?

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Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

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Much like life, the road to starting a business will be full of bumps and roadblocks. Being a successful entrepreneur includes overcoming obstacles and finding solutions. There is no better time than the present to teach your children problem-solving skills. Give them a little space to make mistakes. These missteps will provide them with the opportunity to problem-solve and troubleshoot.

As a bonus: Kids can learn to cope with all the emotions that accompany making mistakes and encountering barriers. Anger, frustration, impatience, and other negative emotions can, and will, stand in the way of solving problems. The best advice is: Go into it knowing that your child is going to fail, freak out, and need your calm and collected demeanor to guide them. Over time, with your parenting awesomeness, your child will be able to accept a less than ideal outcome, refocus their energy and efforts, and come up with a solution.

Promotes Creativity

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Have you ever taken the time to observe and explore the imagination of a child? It is simply amazing and quite entertaining. Letting their imagination run wild can take them to some pretty unique and exciting places. Before you know it a blanket has been turned into a tent with princes and princesses living in it deep in the rainforest where magic fairies live. Yep, they took it all the way. Their minds are full of creative ideas. By providing opportunities, along with time and support, you are allowing your children to see their dreams come true.

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Encourages Kids To Collaborate

Learning how to function as a team member can be difficult. If we are honest with ourselves, children can be selfish and often self-centered. Most likely they are this way because they have a limited worldview. Learning to work with others to accomplish a goal is a lot of what being an employee is about in adulthood. Whether it’s in healthcare for the health of the patient, law enforcement for society’s safety, or teaching for the student’s success, many professions work collectively to accomplish goals. Start them off right! Learning how to collaborate with others will make your kid entrepreneur more successful in their profession and personal life.

Builds Confidence

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Work is just that: It is work. There is no better way to reinforce hard work and ultimately build confidence than for your littles to succeed at what they have set their minds to. Additionally, being a kid entrepreneur presents the opportunity for your child to speak to many different people including peers and adults. Ask a kid about their day at school and you get crickets. But if you give a kid something they are passionate about or interested in and they will talk your ear off. Allow them to chase their dreams (small ones for now) and watch them bloom into a confident kid entrepreneur.

Teaches Kids Resilience

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Being a kid entrepreneur teaches kids to be the little engine. Resilience is a trait that will serve your child well throughout their life. No one is perfect and all attempts do not end in success. At some point in their life, they will fail. Guess what? That’s ok! There is no greater opportunity for personal growth than to learn from their failures by seeing what doesn’t work and to reapproach the challenge with newfound knowledge.

The world is theirs for the taking. It is exciting to think about what our children are capable of and what path they may take in life. Whatever career path they choose they will, without a doubt, need your support. Don’t wait until they’re applying to colleges to introduce them to the many career possibilities. Encouraging your child to be an entrepreneur can teach them resilience, give them confidence, and cultivate many other positive traits. So go ahead and tell that strong, independent child of yours to conquer the world.

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Kid Entrepreneur  7 Practical Reasons To Encourage Your Kid To Be One

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